I believe this would be a Quick Guide to Beginners for Understanding and Answering Basic Interview.

Let’s start with “What is JavaScript? What makes it Unique from Others?”

It was created by Brendan Eich in 1995 during his time in Netscape (Initially named Mocha). It was conceived as both Client and Server-side Scripting Language. The first version came with Internet Explorer 3.0 in 1996. Quickly, got to be known for its Object Model and Functional feature.

With NodeJS and V8 and other scripts as bought JavaScript to places it never thought for.

Things to know about JavaScript, before starting?

It is any Object-oriented Programming language commonly used for creating interactive effects with web browsers.

In other words, Object-Oriented Programming…

As a Student of Masai Our Unit end Project was to create the Clone of Time Camp App (An online Project and Time management Application).

In this blog, I will try to explain the thought process, challenges, and our unique solutions to solve them.

Landing Page

1.Thought Process

Though I have experience working with react, it was challenging when the task needs to be done by a team, Initially, we had some issues, where to start, which functionality to work on, coordination got challenging. But with time and good communication, we resolved our differences and started the work. …

As a monthly evaluation at Masai School, we were tested to clone any entire E-commerce site called Uboric.com within a short span.

I wish to cover this Topic in 4 Parts, Initial Idea & Approach, Challenges, Correction, and Final output.

Here is the landing page of the site.

^Initial Idea & Approach

We were a team of 4(Ashish, Deepak, Jayesh, Me), with our experience from building our first site, We decided to divide our work in form of Pages.

Thus Our major work was focused on creating a similar-looking site, thus mainly working on HTML & CSS. Which was less challenging and simple.


I believe this would be a Quick Guide to Beginners for Understanding and Answering Basic Interview.

(Hope you have read part-1, if you haven’t, you could find it on my profile page.)

What is the purpose of “this” operator in JavaScript?

“this ” is a famous operator of JavaScript used to refer to the owner of that function in which it is mentioned or rather to the function to which its is a method of.

function Obj(values)={
} // we generally use it in Object Constructor or Method of that object.

every Function as Call, bind and Apply method can be used to set custom value to this…

Greeting’s to everyone, in this blog I tried to explain the work done by me with the help of my team in creating the clone of Happy Fox website. Hope you get to learn something new by end of this blog you get to learn something new.I would like to take this opportunity to thank Masai School for this opportunity and for providing this awesome platform.

What is Happy fox and What does they do?

kota krishna reddy

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